In Loving Memory

In loving memory of our friend and founder, Brittany Butler

Tributes – Written by the board in November 2020

“Brittany – Sadly I only had the pleasure of knowing you this past year as an actor and fellow board member.  I met you for the first time at auditions for No Exit, and what amazing experiences you provided during that show. From experimental rehearsal techniques for us in the small back room, to stage combat moves, to show night warm ups to assigning me the chipmunk as my spirit animal at our wrap dinner.  You are truly a brilliant soul. A kind, caring soul.  I would have loved to work alongside you for years to come; learning from you and experiencing your friendship. One year just wasn’t enough, my dear, talented friend.  You are so missed and loved. “
Stephanie Chance, Board Member | Uproar Theatre Company

“I met Brittany when joining the Uproar board. This wasn’t long before COVID hit, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her in person. Most of my ‘getting to know you’ time with her was done virtually. A few of us on the board did a Tiger King watch remotely, and every time I’d say something inappropriate, she’d tell me to ‘get in the corner.’ It gave me extra incentive to say inappropriate things. I enjoyed working for that good-natured scolding from her. Brittany was a light; you didn’t have to know her very long to see that. When we lose someone like that, it can be tempting to let the regret over the lack of time we had with them overshadow the gratitude for the time we did have. My heart hurts for those who had the privilege of knowing her better than I did. I hate that she won’t be here for some of the fun stuff Uproar has in store for folks, but there’s no doubt she is—and will be—a part of it.”
Brent Hearn, Board Member | Uproar Theatre Company

“I had the honor of collaborating with Brittany on our Shakespeare workshop, and I had so much fun seeing her interact with the participants and direct them to help them become more confident with Shakespeare’s language. I was looking forward to working with her on a future Shakespeare production. I am so sad that the world will miss out on her talent.”
Dr. Heather Bailey, Secretary | Uproar Theatre Company

“Brittany was the spark that kept all of us going. It’s cliché to say, but her graciousness, her passion and her spirit lit up any room she was in—and especially when that was a room with a stage. Her talent, commitment and joy will be missed in each and every meeting, rehearsal, audition and show. Not only was Brittany an incredible person—she was an amazing friend. I will never forget what she brought to this world and how she impacted my life and the life of every single person she met. I love you, Brittany, and you will be in our hearts and our minds forever.”
Katie Jefcoat, President | Uproar Theatre Company

“Brittany Butler was a gift. And she gave of herself so willingly and joyfully to everyone she met, that they couldn’t help but love her. And she loved them.”
Paula Ishee, Vice President | Uproar Theatre Company

“A close friend recently told me, ‘Every person on this earth has a purpose.  If they leave us early, rest assured that just means they’ve already fulfilled their purpose.’  I don’t know if that’s true, but the outpouring of love that has been shown for Brittany since her death definitely confirms how deeply she touched so many lives, including mine.  She embraced (literally and figuratively) everyone she met with love and encouragement, and without judgment.  She gave tirelessly of her time and her extraordinary talents to help grow the theatre community in Jackson.  She made us laugh constantly, even when we were drained or frustrated.  And she was the best Ren-Faire roomie there could ever be.  Quite simply, she embodied everything that can and should be good in a person.  Her loss is immeasurable;  but if everyone who knew her tried to be a little more like her, so too would be her impact.  What a phenomenal purpose that would be to fulfill.”
Laura Dixon, Board Member | Uproar Theatre Company

Our forever friend